Slovenian based company 2TM poslovne storitve d.o.o. specializes in providing migration, business and education services.

Moving to Slovenia and starting a new business in the EU zone is easy when you are looked after by our group of professionals.

We offer a wide range of services in Slovenia:

1. Preparation of documents and registration of an entity in Slovenia

2. Accounting and consulting services. A prestigious and affordable juridical and virtual office in Ljubljana

3. Preparation of documents for the Working Permit for an international representative under the control of a labor market

4. Preparation and lodgement of documents for a Residence Permit and a Permanent Residence in Slovenia for the purpose of work, education, requalification or family reunion

5. Consultations regarding the universities, colleges, education programs, grants and scholarships. Lodgement of applications into tertiary institutions and preparation of documents for the Residence Permit under the education stream

6. Translation from Russian and Ukrainian into Slovenian and English languages

7. Assistance in initial social adaptation during the move, including Slovenian language courses, placement of children in the kindergarten or school, registration the address of residence, selection of accommodation and etc.

By working with us, you are getting a full assistance package, letting you concentrate on your business and making your move to Slovenia as comfortable and effective as possible.

It is easy to work with us as we have offices in Ljubljana, Saint-Petersburg and Dnepropetrovsk, and our consultations are not time restricted.



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