Москва, Ленинские горы, МГУ, I учебный корпус, комната 604 (м. Университет)

French in the World

The Alliance Française offer flexible training adapted to your needs and budget. Whether your motives are personal, vocational or part of a structured training plan, the Alliance Française will help you find the appropriate language program. We will be with you on your way to achieving French language fluency.

Method and Objectives

With decades of experience, the Alliance française is the reference centre for teaching French as a Foreign Language.

The Alliance Française uses the more modern and efficient methods on the market to boost your learning, making use of new technologies as well as a wide range of cultural and fun activities to facilitate and enrich your learning experience.

The Alliance Francaise can also design and run a special in-house course for you, based on the following fundamental principles: mutually defined objectives, flexibility, French savoir-faire, state-of-the-art teaching techniques.

The Alliance française follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which structures the learning of a language in 6 levels, from beginner (A1) to bilingual (C2).

Diplomas and Certification

Do you plan to study or work in France or another French-speaking countries?

We train our students for diplomas (DELF, DALF) and tests (TCF, TEF) that are French-government accredited and internationally recognized by French-speaking universities. The Alliances Françaises are the only official exam centres for those diplomas and tests in Southern Africa.



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