Mission of AUC:

  •  to preserve and protect cultural heritage of  Walled City of  Nicosia
  •  to contribute to the development of the region in the educational, cultural and socio-economic dimensions
  •  to educate students to have cultural values at the national dimensions, to develop critical thinking skills, make analytical decisions and  generate solutions at global scale.

Language of Education

All education at AUC is carried out in English.

Academic Programs

In AUC there are currently three Faculties of education which include six undergraduate courses.

Academic Year

The AUC operates a two semester academic year, with the first semester commencing in September and concluding at the end of January and the second semester commencing in February and culminating in June.  There are also Summer School programs that will be available from the middle of June until end of August.


The campus of the American University of Cyprus is located within the ‘Walled City’ of Nicosia with a frequent bus service to surrounding areas.

AUC Life

The focus of AUC is to create a learning environment that encourages students to embrace the culture that surrounds us.  The university is an ever evolving institution that has grown at a rapid pace with the nucleus being centred round the qualified motivated lecturers, the friendly administrative team and ancillary staff.  The surrounding area is a mass of colour and charm enticing to the mind and challenging to the senses, with the university combining a modern and technical place of learning with the historic and cultural setting. 



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