Premium university preparation program in Austria

SALLS College offers an intensive exam preparation program for foreign students heading to study in Austrian universities. Due to the differences in secondary education in Europe and home country foreign students are often required to pass few additional exams after being accepted to an Austrian university for studies. Our university preparation program takes into account students’ school education and is carefully designed with the level of German in mind, allowing foreign students to get effectively prepared within a shortest period of time possible.

Learning foreign languages has never been easier

Have you ever imagined learning language within 6 months? It is the reality of today at SALLS College – using the modern interactive method of teaching combines with the old-school experience and the charisma of our academic staff students get fluent in foreign languages in 6 months. Wether you need the working knowledge of German or English for the university or seek to improve your skills for business or pleasure, SALLS College is exactly the right type of institution for you. Do not wait another day, just give us a call and you will not regret it. Open the new page in your life by learning a foreign language with us.

Only the best dorms and apartments in Austria for our students

For students of SALLS College we offer single apartment studios in the best accommodations for students available in Vienna. Studying in Vienna means not only getting high-quality education but also studying and living in the most comfortable city in the world. The team of SALLS College is excited to provide its students with the premium single apartments in Vienna. It takes only 5-10 Minutes to get to the center of the city, to a university or to SALLS College. It is all about our students – about you – getting the time of your life studying and living in Vienna.

SALLS College is always here for you in Austria

Professional degree program coordinators help students to overcome the bureaucratic hurdles and guide students through the whole process of admission and application processing procedure. We assist with the translation and legalization of the paperwork required for the admission to an Austrian university. College curators assist students with visa applications and plan together with a students the moving to Austria.

SALLS College is your new family! It is important for us to make you feel at home and welcomed in Austria.



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