In accordance with current laws and the provisions of the Bologna Convention, starting with the academic year 2005-2006, the studies in our university are organized on three levels:

  • Bachelor level
  • Master level
  • PhD level

Diversifying the provision of education programs and adapting them to current labour market demands and candidates is a central issue of the university development strategy. Therefore, after 1989, alongside faculties and traditional specializations, many new areas have emerged.

At present, we offer 13 bachelor domains, as follows:
agronomy, environmental engineering, biology, mechanical engineering, geodesy, horticulture, biotechnology, forestry, engineering and management in agriculture, engineering and management in public catering and agro-tourism, veterinary medicine, industrial engineering, zootechnics.

Graduates of the first cycle (bachelor) are offered 15 master programs. Higher education through PhD is done in 4 areas. Also, distance learning (ID) is organized at all faculties, except for the Veterinary Medicine Faculties. Admissions are organized annually, based on their own regulations, brought to the attention of candidates by display and through the web page. The number of places is proposed by the university and approved by the Ministry of Education and Research. The university offers both budgeted posts from the state budget and school fees paid by students. The amount of the fee is set annually for students admitted in the first year by the Senate of the University. The graduates of each education cycle are awarded with diplomas and titles giving them the right to practice in the specific field.



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