Belarusian State University

Почтовый адрес: 04070, Украина, Киев, ул. Сковороды, 2, kmbs Фактический адрес: Украина, Киев, ул. Волошская, 8/5, 4-й корпус НаУКМА, этаж 4, офис 414

Belarusian State University was founded on October 30, 1921. The BSU is a top-rated higher education establishment in the Republic of Belarus.

The BSU offers a variety of educational programs at all levels of education. The Higher Education Program is organized at the BSU major Faculties and Educational Institutes through 56 specialties and more than 250 specializations. Training along the Master’s Degree Program is conducted through 48 specialties. The PhD Program which is aimed to prepare highly qualified researchers holding a candidate of science (Ph.D.) degree is provided through 142 specialties of different branches of science.

In order to equip international students with the Russian Language and learning strategies and skills which enable them to study professional disciplines and be admitted to a degree programs the BSU provides pre-university education program. 

Domestic and international students may benefit from a variety of Non-degree Programs, such as Student internships, research internships, study-and-travel tours, Russian \ Belarusian as a Foreign Language Courses.



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