Consulate General of Hungary in Ho Chi Minh City strongly promote Hungarian education system abroad. Many international students, especially from developing countries, enter Hungarian universities and colleges every year. According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics number of them is close 25 thousands and Hungarian government is intended to increase it to 40 thousands till 2021.

Study and living expenses in Hungary are relevantly low in comparison with other countries of the European Union – average tuition fee is EUR 2–6 thousand per semester. A lot of scholarships are offered at regional, federal and international level. And its number getting bigger every year.

Most of Hungarian universities have partnership agreements not only with EU colleges but also with higher education institutions of North America, Asia and Australia. Students can join one of many exchange or dual degree programs. The majority of educational programs in Hungary are available in English, but you can also study in Hungarian after one-year preparation training.

Hungarian higher education is highly valued in Europe and beyond its borders. Hungary is a part of top-15 list of countries by Nobel laureates per capita. The county is a great destination not only for education but also for tourism and leisure. Hungary is pretty advanced country and one of the safest place to live according to Global Peace Index 2018.



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