Copperfield International School (Verbier)

In any school, there are triumphant and challenging moments, often in the same day. Educating young people is the process of drawing out what is already inside them: creativity, compassion and courage. It means guiding without commanding, encouraging without demanding, and showing students the extraordinary things they are capable of doing.

It is foundational to Copperfield that students are reminded that to be human is to be imperfect. That it is acceptable to make mistakes. That to succeed means not to achieve, but to do your very best in all ways and at all times.

What we are teaching students is that it matters not whether you fail or succeed, but how you respond afterwards. That problems are natural and to be expected, and what is crucial is the optimism and focus with which you work to solve them. That the world is a good place, and it can be made better through positive and collaboration human thinking and action.



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