DSTI Data ScienceTech Institute

Data ScienceTech Institute was created in 2015 on an idea from Sébastien Corniglion and Léo Souquet. As former co-founders of an Information Systems start up targeted for SMEs, they quickly faced difficulties in hiring the right staff. As no one really had the full-width range of skills required for the Big Data world of the XXIst century. With years of experience in the Higher Education world, particularly in France and in the UK, they also had a vision of what worked beautifully and what needed to be changed.

Data ScienceTech Institute was constructed with the world-famous quality and intensity of French science and engineering. And the natural British business savviness and pragmatism on the other. As the project was taking shape, they met José Massol, a very active Business Angel and retired Senior Vice-President of Thales Group. Very attracted by the project, he offered to come in not as a Business Angel but as a partner, and is now our esteemed Chairman.

Data Science is a complex field, involving computer science, hard science and business applications all surrounded by ethics and law. We train operational Data Scientists by offering the most intensive programmes available to take up the Big Data challenge!

Data Science is also applied science. Our programmes are hence driven by a Scientific Advisory Board, composed of recognised and respected professional figures as well as academics with industrial partnerships experience. In fact, we commit ourselves to follow industrial and job market needs to the letter, so our programmes will evolve on a yearly basis. Therefore, you will be invited to come back, in presence or via e-learning, to keep your skills up-to-date.

In that respect, we are quality-assessed using two simple criteria: your employment rate and your employers’ satisfaction. These are even evaluated during the programme, thanks to the projects and junior consulting missions you will undertake.

Are you a fresh, bright young graduate or an experienced professional? We are totally confident the Data ScienceTech Institute programme you will choose will put all your brain cogs in action and give you the “Sexiest Job of the XXIst century”. (Havard Business Review, Oct. 2012).



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