EV Academy

EV ACADEMY is a leading English language institute in Cebu City, Philippines. Established in 2004, we provide short and long English courses for individual and groups, junior students and adults. Our packages include English study, accommodation, catering and selected activities.

Our management team is among a pioneer group to operate an ESL center in 2002, and the very first in Cebu to develop intensive English programs (known as “spartan” programs across Asia). Since then, we have been teaching English to more than 13, 000 students from 14 different countries, constantly expanding our services in order to address the needs of an evolving global landscape. From curriculum, management, teachers, facilities and student services, every aspect has been optimized to make EVACADEMY one of the most successful English learning centers in the Philippines.

EV Academy holds all legal accreditations and works in partnership with the Government of the Philippines to develop and implement international educational standard. Since 2014 we are one of the top 5 schools selected by the Department of Tourism (DOT), representing the Philippines in DOT marketing campaigns all over the world (Japan, China, Thailand, Russia, etc.).

We are an active member of CALA (Cebu Association of Language Academies), which promotes English overseas education and establish Cebu as one of the most competitive ESL hubs worldwide. EV Academy commits to advancing its academic excellence through accreditation and partnerships with recognized language institutions such as ITAA, TEFL Asia and Cambridge Teachers.



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