Gupta Consultancy is registered under Government of NCT of Delhi vide certificate number 2016093013 and owned by Mr Sushil Gupta who is an European Union Scholarship holder. Mr Sushil widely studied and travelled all over in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany etc.). Mr Sushil also received scholarship to study in Indonesia and was the topper in the most respected University of Indonesia (UI).

He has the number of years of experience in studying and travelling abroad. It is the fact that many of the students studying in India wants to pursue their higher studies abroad to get an international exposure. But, the cost of studying remains a limiting factor. We specialise in giving you guidance in the courses which are almost free of cost or with nominal fees and also make you apply to the number of scholarships available to cover your living expenses, Air ticket etc so as to limit your costs. Also, we guide you about working abroad while you are a student. 

You have the following advantages if you apply through us:

  • Selection of the best Universities and courses as per your needs and educational background
  • Drafting of the Letter of Motivation in a well planned manner which meets international standards
  • Preparation for Visa interview
  • Guidance to work abroad while studying
  • Forward your application for various scholarships available so as to limit your study costs
  • Preparation of your complete application file, scholarship file and visa application file

Gupta Consultancy became the Official Representative of the Spanish school Hispania in Valencia, Spain. This big achievement came through our hard work, performance and kind of services we provide to our students and the trust we have amongst them.



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