Hanshin University

Hanshin University celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2010. Throughout its 70-year history as a college of theological studies and 30-year history as a university for a variety of academic disciplines, Hanshin has shared the adversities and aspirations of Korea. It has carved its name deep into the history of Korea, dedicating to founding a progressive theology, renewing the church of Christianity, democratizing our society, and to increasing rights of people.


Today, Hanshin stands solidly as a progressive university with such proud traditions. Our university manifests its progressiveness constructing new alternatives and practicing active social and academic engagement. We try to figure out alternative values against the main current of market-oriented materialism prevailing in today's world. We try to realize creatively the alternative values we have figured out. All the contents of education and the various activities of campus life at Hanshin may well reflect these efforts.


You may change your life utterly at Hanshin. Youth is a period of so called Sturm und Drang, but is also a crucial one to cultivate intelligence, moral values, and to bring up your vision for the future. Hanshin will surely help you learn new knowledges, develop an imaginative venturing thinking, and acquire an attitude cherishing communication with others and relations of communal life, and finally will help you attain a pioneer spirit undaunted by any risks, to be a leader both in our society and in global one.


Hanshin values learning as cooperation, not as competition, respecting human dignity and responsibility. Revive Life! This is the spirit of Hanshin University. Join us and change your life at Hanshin.



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