Hospitality management programs in Switzerland. The Institute is located in one of the country's most beautiful resorts, Soerenberg in Kanton Luzern. Students from all over the world come to our institute to study hotel management the famous Swiss way.

A real hotel environment. During your study period you'll reside, study and train in picturesque, traditional Swiss hotels, which are furnished to a quality standard reflecting the best values of Swiss life.

Striking atmosphere. Our international hotel campus is within the UNESCO biosphere of Entlebuch, Luzern, an area protected for its natural beauty. This is the only UNESCO bisosphere in Switzerland. Soerenberg is an excellent example of ecotourism, with tourism and nature in harmony in this wonderful environment.

High quality international university degree. The institute gives students a high quality suite of Swiss-style Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma courses. We also offer Bachelor and Masters Degree courses from international universities.

Paid internships in Switzerland. To complement our Management Training Program we give students the opportunity to practise. Our network consists of over 200 hotels, restaurants and bars. During your internship you'll receive minimum Switzerland's salary (Swiss Francs 2075 gross per month), and employers normally provide accommodation and food.

Hotel & leisure companies recruit on campus. Our mission is “come as student, leave as a manager”. Every semester we introduce students to employers on campus. They interview and recruit here.

Start your management career in tourism, the world’s largest employer and the world’s largest provider of management positions with HTMi!



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