Hyupsung University

Hyupsung University is a school founded upon Christian principles, which has succeeded the Christian traditions for 30 years. The university is also supported by the Methodist Church, which has made a huge contribution through 120 years of Christian history. During the times when this country was in trouble, Hyupsung was the center for patriotic and national movements, and Sangdong Church was the origin of this school where the people gathered around.


Hyupsung University endeavors to fulfill the principles of faith, love, and service as a Christian school, emphasizes the evangelical theology of John Wesley and love and dedication to neighbors, produces pastors and human resources with expertise, intelligence, and creativity, who will build a future society.


We are preparing for the ever-changing world by setting up the “Vision 2011”, a long term development project which will provide a better education service to the students and make Hyupsung more competitive in the future world of globalization and technology. We based on the Christian values of the faith and the love of neighbors began to stride toward the promising future.


In an age of globalization and information revolution, Hyupsung University has been implementing a Woongbi 2013 (including Hyupsung 2010) long-term development plan to respond proactively to changes in this society as well as future-oriented education.


In this age of complexity and chaos, Hyupsung University has declared a new version of Hyupsung that practices love and dedication to neighbors based on the Christian spirit.


Hyupsung University not only promotes the fundamental studies, such as theology, human sciences, and natural sciences, but also expands cutting-edge facilities, including the Center for Theology, the Art Hall, the College of Arts Practical Building, and the Center for General Studies, Complex Studies, and the establishment of University Church, which will strengthen the school’s competitiveness.


The school is also meeting the variety of creative, professional needs of the local community in respond to societal changes arising from the urban development of Hwaseong City, as a unique, culture-leading university.


Hyupsung University also operates regular research systems and programs to provide mobile campus where all buildings can be wireless, unlimited administrative and high-quality educational services.


Under the Christian principles, the university aims to fulfill its development vision for which every member of the school participates to serve our God better through communication and reconciliation.


Hyupsung University is now preparing to become one of the world’s leading universities with the firm belief that God always supports us.



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