I.BREEZE International Language Center opens in Mabolo, the heart of Cebu  City with the wish of representing the fresh and gentle winds in Philippines’  English Education Market. The expanded and latest designed campus let  students concentrate on studying well. It is located nearby various shopping  malls, restaurants, massage shops and coffee shops so students can enjoy  staying in the academy more.

I.BREEZE International Language Center opened grandly on December, 2018 with  various facilities such as cubicle, dormitory, gym, swimming pool, cafeteria, dining hall  with meal buffet, and unlimited Wi-Fi access and many more. It is located in the  heart of Cebu City so students can easily access to shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets, massage shops and coffee shops. Our security  guards and CCTV  system keep the campus safe 24/7.

I.BREEZE hires teachers through own specialized test and advances them with regular seminars and trainings. The well-trained teachers including native teacher can support advanced English class for studying abroad, working holiday and immigration.

I.BREEZE’s proved special curriculum and know-how stored over the past years guarantee that students will go further step successfully.

Students from different countries such as Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Saudi  Arabia and Vietnam study together. Also they can hang out after regular class time and  it makes them learn the international sense through sharing cultures. Additionally,  I.BREEZE provides healthy and well-balanced meals and buffet for every nationality’s palate.



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