IHTTI, School of Hotel Management and Design (Swiss Education Group)

An intimate, boutique-style hotel school, the perfect place to learn the finer skills of 5-star service, hotel and design management. We’re one of the leaders in Switzerland and worldwide, sharing the best industry practices and preparing students for successful international career since 1984.

Excellent location

The IHTTI campus is located in the heart of Neuchâtel, a vibrant Swiss university city. Our Swiss hotel school is ideally situated between the train station and the lake of Neuchâtel, close to retail outlets, museums, cultural venues, leisure and nightlife facilities. Exciting job opportunities await in the dynamic, international hospitality industry!

Innovative academic programs

The programmes offered at IHTTI are based upon the world-renowned Swiss hotel management training, together with the latest industryinnovations in design, technology and luxury brand management.

Our students are joining a reputed international hotel school and learn from the world’s experts, through professional partnerships with LesConcierges, the world’s premier provider of global concierge services and solutions, and HBA/Hirsch 

Bedner Associates, a leader in hospitality interior design worldwide

With the ever-increasing competition between hotels and the growing popularity of boutique and design style hotels, IHTTI graduates respond to a demand for multi-skilled managers with an eye for detail and an in-depth know-how of design principles. The skills learnt at IHTTI School of Hotel Management are applicable to a vast range of roles in hospitality, luxury brand management, hotel design and tourism-related businesses.



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