Founded by Andrew Colin and a group of close colleagues, INTO University Partnerships Limited (INTO) is a global education partnering organisation head-quartered in Brighton, United Kingdom.

We form long-term joint ventures with globally ranked, ambitious universities in the United States, United Kingdom and Asia. Working with our partners, each year we transform the lives of thousands of students by delivering remarkable academic and cultural experiences.

We build long-term, deeply-embedded partnerships which enable universities to achieve their internationalisation ambitions and deliver sector-leading performance, exceptional student outcomes and remarkable student experiences. Our partners bring academic rigour and expertise in teaching and learning. 

We provide:

  • unrivalled knowledge of international markets supported by a $45 million annual investment in a global marketing network;
  • a unique business model, providing access to substantial private sector resources while preserving complete academic control for the university;
  • substantial investment in university infrastructure;
  • operational expertise across all areas of the international student journey;
  • an unswerving commitment to delivering the world's best student experience;
  • transformational outcomes for students and institutions.

Together we share a commitment to helping students fulfill their potential and become successful global citizens and leaders.

Our unique model for partnership in higher education has transformed the fortunes of our network partners, providing reach and investment way beyond the scope and capacity of any individual institution.

Our investment in university campuses and learning centres has set new standards for the international student experience. We are proud of our acheivements and are committed to maintaining our success.

We believe in the power of education to change the world for the better. That is why we establish innovative public-private partnerships with leading universities to help them meet the extraordinary increase in global demand for higher education. 



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