Irkutsk National Research Technical University (INRTU) is located in the city of Irkutsk, 75 km away from the pearl of Siberia – the lake Baikal. INRTU today is a large academic and research center, one of the leading technical universities. It was founded in 1930 as Siberian Mining Institute.

Mission of the University is to provide high quality, affordable, up-to-date education, transformed through our knowledge and experience, through the development of scientific and educational technologies. Our goal is to educate the specialists of new formation capable for practical application of new knowledge in their scientific, industrial, entrepreneurial activity.

Academic structure of the University comprises 7 main institutes – Institute of High Technologies, Institute of Architecture, Construction and Design, Institute of Aircraft Machine Engineering and Transport, Institute of Subsurface Resource Management, Institute of Economics, Management and Law, Institute of Power Engineering, and Institute of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication where they study Russian language before entering the main educational programs - along with vocational schools and a college.

INRTU has 17 500 students, it is one third of total number of students in Irkutsk city, including about 1 300 international students. Teaching staff of the University numbers 900 persons. The total number of degree programs (bachelor, master, PhD.) is 199.

All university buildings and student dormitories are in 5 minutes walking from each other. Sport facilities, park, student canteens, student polyclinic, sanatorium are located in the university campus. Sport facilities for students include stadium for 2 500 seats, tracks – 8, soccer fields – 3, gyms - 16, gym for rock climbing, sports training camp for 800 pax, 21 clubs for extracurricular student activities.

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