İstanbul Sehir University

İstanbul Şehir University (ŞEHİR) is one of the most prestigious and leading non-profit foundation universities in Turkey. Motivated by the joy of producing and sharing knowledge at a global scale, ŞEHİR was officially founded by the deep-rooted Foundation for Sciences and Arts (BİSAV) in 2008 in İstanbul.

With an innovative and interdisciplinary educational perspective developed in compliance with the latest improvements around the world, İstanbul Şehir University continues its academic studies with 22 undergraduate programs; 12 associate degree programs; 17 graduate programs, and 3 PhD programs including MBA Executive degrees under the roof of 6 colleges, 3 graduate schools, and a vocational high school.

Our university’s academic staff consists of 270 distinguished academicians in total, comprised of 47 adjunct professors and 223 full time professors all of whom determinedly strive to foster the academic world both at national and international level. ŞEHİR is currently home to 4992 students, 18 percent of whom are international students from various countries. In the three campuses and guesthouses located at the center of the city, ŞEHİR offers its students a lively campus life nested in the city where they can be part of a multicultural society in peace. Besides, the research centers and the Technology Transfer Office aim to provide the most comfortable and free environment for the students and academicians to carry out their studies.

İstanbul Şehir University provides a wide range of scholarships so that two out of three students receive scholarships throughout their studies. Additionally, more than 50 student clubs wait for their new members to expand their network and friendships. Likewise, ŞEHİR libraries open new windows for our members to help them become a part of and contribute to the world’s academic and cultural heritage via hundreds of thousands of printed, audiovisual, electronic sources, and lots of database subscriptions.



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