One of the Leading Private University of Germany focussing on Management, IUBH has the distinction of being the first University in Germany to be awarded 5 Premium seals – a mark of Quality given by independent Accreditation Agencies.

International focus

The heart of the IUBH is its uncompromising international focus: 

  • All courses in English,
  • Students and professors from more than 85 nations,
  • Integrated, six-month internship, also abroad.

Global career

IUBH offers ideal preparation for the global job market:

  • Approximately 75% of the graduates work in an international environment,
  • Approximately 33% of them actually work abroad.

Practical approach

Our professors and lecturers attach great importance to a close link between theory and practice. After all, most of them gained experience at international level themselves:

  • case studies, projects and internships,
  • field trips to well-known companies,
  • dialogues with recognised business leaders within the framework of regular IUBH Business Talks.

Ideal learning environment

For most people who come to us, beginning university means the start of a new phase in their lives. This is why we attach such great importance to the learning atmosphere:

  • small (personal) class sizes,
  • modern seminar rooms and professional technology,
  • cafés and restaurants directly on the campus (in Bad Honnef and Bad Reichenhall),
  • comfortable university halls of residence (in Bad Honnef and Bad Reichenhall).


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