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Kazan National Research Technological University is one of the oldest universities in Kazan. Its history dates back to 1890 when the Ministry of Public Education of the Russian Empire enacted the resolution to establish the Integrated Industrial and Technical College. In 1919 it was transformed into Kazan Polytechnic Institute and it was 1930, when its chemical faculty and the chemical faculty of Kazan State University formed the basis for Kazan Chemical Technological Institute. Rapid development of institute resulted in its obtaining university status in 1992, when its official name changed to Kazan State Technological University. Versatile activities and success in various priority areas made Kazan State Technological University one of Russian centers in engineering education, research and innovations.

Another milestone in the history of our university is the year 2010, when our university obtained the status of a National Research University and was renamed into Kazan National Research Technological University (KNRTU) in 2011.

Today university is the largest Russian center of higher education in technology. KNRTU offers over 150 training areas in Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs.

Today Kazan National Research Technological University unites activities in education, research and innovations. The University comprises 16 academic and research institutes; enrols over 26 thousand undergraduate and graduate students from the Russian Federation and CIS countries, 900 Ph.D. and 100 Post-Doc students from Russia and other countries; employs over 300 Full Professors, Doctors of Science and over 1100 Associate Professors and Ph.Ds.



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