Moscow State Technical University

The mission statement of the Moscow State Technical University «MAMI» is:

  • to meet civil, social and state needs in high-quality professional education;
  • to develop all-round and harmonious personality, to educate and bring up free-thinking  citizens with high intellect and culture and all the necessary basic and professional skills;
  • to offer all the facilities needed for the development of the Russian economy, to increase the rate of competitiveness in the domestic automotive industry at the expense of the generation of up-to-date knowledge and technology, the training of the highly-qualified specialists and carrying out basic and applied research on the level with world achievements.


According to the mission statement the university is aimed at:

  • to develop the university as one of the Russian key scientific and educational centres in mechanical engineering and  a competence forefront in the automobile and tractor industries, technologies and providing manufacturing with high-tech branches in economy;
  • to achieve a high level of quality and competitiveness in services;
  • to develop scientific schools on the basis of the university, working in priority areas of science  and technology;
  • to implement the programs of multilevel vocational education according to social demands and personal needs;
  • to form a potent skilled university personnel, to create comfortable conditions for work and training;
  • to apply experience and technology of the world’s leading educational institutions, research organizations and manufactures in the educational and research activities in the university on a large scale;
  • to obtain a category of “national research university” with respect to the Moscow State Technical University «MAMI».


The main objectives of the university are:

  • to ensure a steady demand for university graduates by improving the educational process and the directions of training students in accordance with market needs especially automotive manufacturing and services;
  • to carry out basic and applied research in areas defined by the requirements of engineering industries including priority directions in science and technology, as well as critical technologies;
  • to expand the range of research projects with their introduction into manufacturing and training process, further commercialization of research results;
  • to integrate education , science and production activity, to apply information technology, to develop educational programs and technologies that ensure the efficient formation of necessary basic and vocational skills among university graduates;
  • to improve the academic mobility of students, professors and researchers , to integrate the university in the world educational environment  and to achieve international recognition of the ongoing educational programs;
  • to participate in research and development activities for the country’s defence and national security;
  • to develop the material and technical base of the university;
  • to create necessary conditions and mechanisms to improve the living standards of the employees and students of the university.


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