This university was established in 1988, and it's located in Nicosia, capital of North Cyprus. It's the largest university in the country, with over 26 000 students coming from over 100 countries. The NEU is also ranked No. 2 university in North Cyprus according to Webometrics Ranking-2015.

The NEU has 16 faculties comprising 220 departments and programs, 4 graduate schools with around 200 graduate and postgraduate programs, and 4 high schools, 28 research institutes, and has several international memberships eg EUA, IAU, IGIP and JCI. It comprises many firsts in Cyprus:

  • The Faculty of Medicine, which is the only Faculty of Medicine of North Cyprus;
  • the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Pharmacy, the first and only faculties of North Cyprus;
  • the Dentistry Clinics, the first JCI accredited private dentistry clinics of the world;
  • the Super Computer, one of the most advanced and powerful computers of the world;
  • the Grand Library, the biggest and most comprehensive library of Eastern Mediterranean region; Hospital of Near East University, the most advanced research and training hospital of Eastern Mediterranean region.

Student life in the NEU is dynamic and full of different wonderful opportunities. Studying here means that one can enjoy on campus facilities and opportunities such as sports fields, shops, restaurants, dormitories with a capacity of 5000 people, health and fitness centres, hospitals, cafes, Olympic swimming pool, 24 hours security and health services and so on.



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