Ovidius University of Constanta

Ovidius University is the largest university in Europe to the Black Sea coast. Located in Constanta, the largest town in Dobrogea and Romania throughout Southeastern University is a blooming economic region, which is a cultural bridge between the West and the East, the European Union's eastern gate.

Ovidius University is a public institution of higher education founded in 1961, it became in 1990 a multidisciplinary university with programs for Bachelor, Master and Doctorate quality accreditation recognized by national and international institutions with high confidence. With over 15,000 students, Ovidius is the largest university in Black Sea Area.

University is multidisciplinary, ensuring students' training programs covering all levels of education, from undergraduate to masters and PhD, which are added various teacher training courses, courses for teaching grades, residency etc. Areas of study covers a very wide range, from medical sciences to engineering, from humanities to the sciences, the natural sciences to economics and legal, from the arts to theology. The University currently has 86 undergraduate degree programs in 44 fields, 76 masters and four doctoral schools in eight fields of study. 

Once implemented the Bologna process, starting with the 20052006 academic year, the university Ovidius became part of the European Higher Education Area, offering diplomas recognized both in the EU and beyond. Moreover, supplements diplomas are bilingual, being written both in Romanian and in English.    



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