According to the United Nations, Austria is one of the top-20 most economically developed countries in the world. Austria is traditionally famous for its excellent environmental situation, good urban development, advanced transportation hubs and, of course, its attractiveness for tourists. No wonder that education is also developed perfectly in this country.

Why study in Austria?

Free-of-Charge Education

Even paid education in Austrian state universities of costs EUR 700 per semester at the most, but students from India do not have pay even this modest amount. They do not pay any tuition, except for an administrative fee, the rest is subsidized almost entirely by the Austrian government? This way, taking into account scholarships and grants, citizens of India can study in Austria entirely free of charge.

You Do Not Need to Speak German to Enroll

Scanty knowledge of German language will not hinder you from applying to enter an Austrian university or college. You will be given an opportunity to study German from scratch or to improve your proficiency in the same institution you are entering before the start of your educational program.

For those preferring to study in English, there are English-taught programs. However, these classes are not paid by the Austrian government.

European Traditions in Education

The first one of the currently functioning universities in Austria was founded back in 1365. According to THE and ARWU rankings, every year, five to seven Austrian universities continuously make it to the top-500 of the universities globally. About 30% of foreign nationals study in five leading universities of Austria. All this is indicative of the worldwide recognition of the Austrian education system.

Combination of Studies and Work

In Austria, every Indian student can successfully combine their studies with a part-time job. This is facilitated by both the flexible class schedule that is largely determined by the students themselves and the loyal Austrian legislation that allows foreign students to study and legally work part-time with no need for a working visa.

Exposure to High European Culture

Austria is located in the very heart of Europe and takes pride in its highly advanced transportation infrastructure. A more suitable country for interesting pastime outside the classes is hard to imagine.

You can communicate directly with Austrian higher education institutions and colleges and ask whatever questions you might have at the exhibition. Bring your friends along!



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