New Zealand is very peaceful country. How could there be aggression and crime when the people in the country put so much effort into education and research. This small country has managed to become home for students from more than 160 countries!

Every year, more than 30,000 foreigners come here for higher education. Many then continue to live and work here since there is so much beautiful nature, a great ecology, and a lot of high-paying jobs.

There are 20 universities in New Zealand, and all of them ranked in the top 500 of all global educational rankings. The educational process is tripled so that you don't receive just a collection of disparate knowledge, but you come out as prepared professionals with all the skills you need. You don't have to complete education yourself after diploma. Employers worldwide appreciate graduates of New Zealand universities, and their diplomas are recognized in more than 50 countries.

Russia is the fourth country in the world in the number of foreign students. About 5,000 students from India studied in Russia in 2015. What do they find so attractive about Russia? First and foremost, the price and quality of education are certainly incentives.


Russia, on the one hand, inherited the successes of the Soviet education system, and on the other hand actively adopts European education practices (Russia joined the Bologna Declaration in 2003). The country’s leading universities have increased in world rankings systems, and now some of them are not only in the top-500, but also in the top-100 universities in the world.

Tuition fees

The Russian government allocates so-called quotas for students from another countries. More than 15,000 quotas enable foreign students to study absolutely free. But even if you don’t enter a Russian university this way, you may study at a very affordable price: the average cost of an academic year, including accommodation in a student dorm, is USD 2500–4000.



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