Study in Romania

Romania is a great place for you to study, diplomas are recognised all over Europe and beyond. In addition, the Diploma Supplement (DS) issued automatically with your graduation diploma is bilingual and thus ensures transparency of learning outcomes and improves employability. Here are some more...

  1. You have a solid university degree recognised all around Europe and beyond. Romanian Higher Education is known for its rich academic heritage.
  2. World's fastest Internet - Ranked 3rd place in the world, Romania has ultra fast internet connectivity.
  3. Study in English, French, German, Romanian or Hungarian. Romania has a wide choice of university programs.
  4. Low tuition fees and living expenses – While maintaining our academic standards, we have some of the lowest tuition and living costs in the European Union.
  5. Cultural life – Bucharest offers more than 40 museums and Romania has the second-largest outdoor museum in the world, Astra Museum in Sibiu.
  6. Work opportunities and quality of life - There are a number of possibilities to work as a student: you can apply directly to vacant positions published online.
  7. A great place to travel – The home of seven UNESCO world heritage sites, Romania is a country of many facets.


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