In just half a century, the small poor state of Singapore has become one of the most developed and corruption-free countries in the world. It really is an "economic miracle"! But what are the reasons behind this "miracle"?

The answer is, mainly, is education. The government has never withheld money for this. So believe us, they know how to embody knowledge in the matter! You can find out for yourself too! Go study in Singapore!

About education

  • Singapore is famous for its university engineering programs and MBA programs, but also for purely professional training in such fields as engineering, business, accounting, tourism and hotel management, mass communications, digital media, and biotechnology.
  • The cost of education and living in Singapore is at least 30% less than that in the USA or UK.
  • Two universities in Singapore can be found in the top-100 of global education rankings.

About the country

  • Singapore is a very modern city-state that at the same time is full of wonderful parks.
  • The culture of Singapore incorporates many societal facets of India: from food and traditions to religion.
  • There is quite a large Indian diaspora in Singapore (one area is Singapore is even called "Little India").


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