Study in USA

For those who understand the value of real education!

Once Columbus went in search of India's riches and accidentally discovered America. After 500 years, this huge continent has turned into a highly developed country with the most eminent universities in the world. During that time, these universities made precise estimations as to where India was and how to reach it. Today, they deliberately come to the USA in search of true wealth - smart and talented students. Their mission is to discover America to these talented, intelligent, purposeful, courageous, young, and promising people.

Did you know that...

  1. The United States ranks first in the world in terms of the number of foreign students. While you are reading this, more than 100,000 citizens of India study, work part time, and have fun in the birthplace of the Internet and skyscrapers.
  2. In order to enroll in an American university, you need to be fluent in English and have at least USD 20,000 in your bank account. In future, you can pay the tuition fee by getting a part-time job. You can also get scholarships and grants if you excel in your studies.
  3. Studying in the United States is a real opportunity to change your life for the better. After graduation, you can easily get a working visa for a year. Then, if you could find a job, you could start a brilliant career in the USA, India, or any other country in the world.


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