Launched in 1981 in the United States and currently operating with representative centers in many countries around the world, The Princeton Review supports students' dream of entering colleges and universities. Through its representations across the world, The Princeton Review serves students with academic programs, publications, and certified highly qualified teachers.

The Princeton Review has a collection of the most effective tutorials for students preparing for the SAT®, ACT®, MCAT®, LSAT®, TOEFL®, GRE®, GMAT® and AP® exams. You can visit the TPR Publications page to get a closer look at the publications.

More than 35 million copies of over 150 test preparation and admissions books have been sold. Cracking the SAT® and Best Colleges are also market leaders as The Best Seller at The New York Times.

Why The Princeton Review Azerbaijan?

The official representative of The Princeton Review in Azerbaijan is Edupol educational company. Edupol has been strong since 2012, mainly due to its preparatory courses and university admissions to Turkish universities. One of these courses is SAT training. Edupol already has SAT, TOEFL courses in accordance with US programs, in partnership with TPR. TPR Azerbaijan also provides IELTS and General English courses, which provide qualified teachers, certified by TPR, as well as international certificates (SAT, TOEFL, IELTS for various programs including international English teacher certification (TESOL). training programs). The Princeton Review has online and live classes available to students who wish to take lessons from American teachers through these courses.

In addition to teaching the courses, TPR Azerbaijan provides consultations and university applications with experienced admissions officers to get into universities in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European countries and Turkey.



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