University of Latvia

The moment has come in the last days of school, when one has to make a choice – whether to study, what to study, and, of course, where to study? This is the first independent choice each adult makes after finishing school. This choice is probably the most important in life because it affects the future course of our lives and the mistakes are not forgiven.

In contemporary society education is the foundation of a wealthy and, most significantly, exciting life. Choose a profession you love and your job will not be a burden to you! It is plain truth that a good job and a happy family is the fulfilment of life. Choose a field of interest, one you succeed in, and you will become acknowledged professionals; besides, you will achieve not only material comfort but also satisfaction and enjoyment.

Choose the University of Latvia – the only classical university in Latvia – as a place to study your chosen speciality, and you will enter an intellectually bustling environment, where the students discover exciting realms of knowledge, where the lecturers are enthusiasts of their field, internationally renowned Latvian scientists. You will be among soulmates and gain friends for life, ones who can not only labour seriously in lectures, seminars and labs but also enjoy creative pastime activities. 



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