TRC Colleges (Ellevitta Ltd) is an UK based independent international educational service provider, with TRC College centres operating worldwide, offering UK qualifications with progression to universities in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe through a wide range of university partners.

1. TRC Colleges is also the Exclusive Marketing and Recruitment Arm for INDIA of Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU), where Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing Degrees are all taught in english in a safe and modern european country with state of the art university facilities and teaching; along with first class student accommodation.

The AMU Medical programmes are full MBBS and are recognised by the MCI and WHO. Also recognised by the main Indian Banks for Student Loans.

USA Medical Clerkship options are also available for students.

TRC Colleges is recruiting for AMU now and we work through selected local agents and education consultants for this process.

2. For local Indian Colleges and Higher Education Institutions TRC Colleges can provide franchises for:

  • Dual UK Certification of the Institution's own local qualifications with a recognized UK Examination board.
  • UK Syllabuses for local Colleges and Higher Education Institutions to be able to run their own UK courses and qualifications.

Both of these franchise schemes can offer programmes in all subjects across the full UK National Qualification Framework Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 and TRC Colleges can offer transfers into appropriate UK Top-Up Degrees and Masters Degrees as options.



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