UniStudy is an international educational center working in partnership with the public university of Prague offering admission preparation courses for students from all over the world. Vocational guidance running alongside the main course is one of UniStudy program’s major benefits. UniStudy staff makes sure everyone is given enough attention, so the center never accepts more students than the curriculum suggests.

UniStudy is located in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic – a country open and comfortable for foreign students and applicants. All Czech public universities offer tuition-free Czech-taught degree programs. English-taught programs are available at prices exceeding low (starting from EUR 350 per year) compared to average tuition fees in Europe. Bachelor programs’ duration is 3 years instead of 4 which allows you to fit preparatory year zero in your schedule and graduate at the same time as your high school classmate.

Preparatory year will be enough for a student to verify his/her secondary education certificate, get used to the new environment and learn the language well enough to continue studies at a university. UniStudy will help to choose a career path, find the right university and specialty and prepare for exams. Students also practice their communication skills – writing a resume, making presentations, going through training interviews, etc.

Make a step to admission – your first milestone on the way to a successful future!

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