Five reasons to study in Canada:

  1. Canada is a country with a prolific climate and ecology. In summer, in addition to training, you can explore beautiful beaches, and in winter – ski resorts. Feel like an Olympian: the entire infrastructure has remained after Olympics in Vancouver.
  2. Canada is one of the safest countries in the world, so you can send your children to language courses and not worry about them.
  3. English is an official language, which means that you get into the language environment and have the opportunity to practice everywhere – in a bar, shop or walking on the street.
  4. Canada is famous for its universities; quality of education is comparable with British, but considerably cheaper than in Britain and the United States.
  5. Canada is the most multicultural and multinational country in the world, ready to receive foreigners. You can also study alongside employment: it is allowed to work on a student visa in Canada. It's not difficult to find a job, and the attitude towards a foreigner is very good, because Canada is a country of immigrants.

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