Czech Republic

About 39 000 foreign students are currently studying in Czech Republic and their number is growing. So why this small country in Central Europe is so popular between young people?

1. Romantic spirit. Czech architecture is really marvelous and amazing. You can find here massive historical buildings, Gothic cathedrals and castles, stylish chateaux collections, geometrically arranged gardens with fountains and statues and also stunning examples of folk architecture. Do you know that the Czech Republic invented the word «Bohemian»? Explore beautiful nature, charming old monuments and don't hesitate to enjoy outdoor activities of the Bohemian Region.

2. Revelry and low prices. In Czech you can find cheap national beer and low living costs. So, as a student, you can take a trip to joyous Czech restaurants, clubs and bars. And certainly look forward to the inexpensive cost of public transport, accommodation and food.

3. High quality of education. The Czech educational system is considered to be one of the best in the world according to the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). Many Czech universities offer programs taught in English designed for international students so they're in conformity with European standards.

4. Traditions and opportunities. The Czech higher education system is about 600 years old and nowadays consists of 70 universities, about two thirds of them are private. It's a wide choice of different programs, and you can choose an almost any area that you're interested in. There're also many international companies's offices in Czech. So during your studies you can find an internship and receive a useful work experience, don't miss a chance to work with a world-class professionals.

5. Vibrant life. Because the Czech Republic is located in the cente of Europe you can travel a lot in your free time. Berlin, Munich, Warsawa, Budapest or Vienna – decide, where would you go next? Or may be you'd stay in Czech, this country has a lot to offer: national holidays, different cultural festivals, carnivals, parades and so on.