42 universities of Kazakhstan maintain studying programs in English. Each program offers international experience: students take international internships, study for one or two semesters abroad on an exchange or a double degree basis. You can attend world renown professors’ lessons, practice your foreign languages, communicate with people from different countries paying less money than in Europe and Russia.

Living standard in Kazakhstan

Today, Kazakhstan is one of the strongest economies of the post-Soviet space. According to Global Finance, the purchasing power of Kazakhstan citizens is higher than that of the citizens of other Commonwealth countries, including Russia. The country ranks 31st in the Ease of doing business rating according to the World Bank and is ahead of such countries as Belgium, Italy and Israel.

Attractions in Kazakhstan

Progress of Kazakhstan is well illustrated by its young capital – Astana. For 20 years a small town named Tselinograd has turned into a modern city with high-tech facilities, business areas, fountains and parks. 

Those who appreciate the beauty of nature shall like Kazakhstan especially. The nature is very diverse here: lake Balkhash that is half-salt, half-fresh; climatological resort Borovoye known as the “Switzerland of Kazakhstan”; “singing” sands in the Altyn Emel National Park, Charyn Canyon and more.

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