Located in North Eastern Europe and washed by the Baltic Sea, Latvia is a good choice to study. Today The Baltic Sea Region is one of the most dynamic in Europe, with high economic potential. One can be surprised when learn that Latvia is often called Amberland, because there're many pieces of amber on the Baltic seashore. Latvian folk legends claim that amber brings luck.

Top-5 reasons to study in Latvia

1. Latvian Diplomas of Higher Education are recognized in all EU countries. So, after getting your degree in Latvia you can boost your career in Switzerland, the Netherlands or in Sweden. There're no tough borders between European countries.

2. A wide choice of Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral study programs. In Latvia you can find almost all study programs that one can be interested in. Medicine, Dentistry, Entrepreneurship and Management, English Philology, Asian Studies or Geomatics – Latvian universities offer many different opportunities according to students' interests. In addition, Higher Education Institution Faculties provide compulsory and optional electives as well.

3. Affordable tuition fees, especially when compared with another European universities.

4. Reasonable cost of living. Eg consumer prices including rent in Riga are 44,4% lower than in Brussels, and 71,8 % lower than in San Francisco.

5. Beautiful and multicultural country. 44% of Latvia's territory is covered by forests, you can also find there a wide network of rivers and thousands of lakes (and waterfalls, eg Ventas Rumba, European widest waterfall). The country is also one of the greenest places in the world. And not only because of nature, Latvian architecture is quite magical and stunning. The capital of Latvia Riga Is so amazing that it was named the European Capital of Culture for 2014.