Switzerland is a reputable and beautiful center of Europe, a real paradise for visitors going for tourists and business purposes. First attracted by highly equipped resorts and medieval castles, second by steadyness and time proved banks. But besides, Switzerland may be an outstanding country for studies.

Five reasons to study in Switzerland:

1. Maximum comfort, convenience and safety. Switzerland is known worldwide as one of the quietest and cleanest places of the Old World. There is also a high standard of living that encourages you to start your career.

2. Amazing nature. A number of university campuses are located in the most beautiful and inspiring places in Switzerland: at the shores of lakes, with fantastic view on mountains, alpine forests and meadows.

3. Multilingual practice. If you study in Switzerland, you can easily become a polyglot. This is due to the unique atmosphere: there are four official languages (German, French, Italian, Romansh). Communicate with native speakers and improve your language skills.

4. European education traditions. Switzerland universities are the oldest educational institutions in Europe with a rich history. Their tradition connects universities with major European companies and associations, and therefore, their graduate employment success.

5. Useful contacts. The educational institutions in Switzerland are considered very prestigious, so you will have a chance to make the right connections. Contacts created while studying can be useful through all of your life.

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