The USA is a world leader in higher education. American universities continuously maintain their top positions in all global rankings – THE, FT, QS, BusinessWeek and others.

Why international students choose the USA?

High level development of education
The USA spends more than any other country in the world on its education. Each year the US government allocates for the development of education 1,055 billion dollars. Therefore, educational methods and programs of the US higher education institutions meet all modern standards.

The US educational institutions not only held high-ranking positions, but also win by the number of highly evaluated universities. For example, seven of the top-10 worl leading universities, according to the Times Higher Education Ranking 2015, are from the United States. Furthermore, namely the United States is a forge of Nobel Prize laureates (107 Americans received this prestigious award).

A uniquie higher education system
Classes are usually very small and consist of 10-20 students. When you study you always take part in different discussions and have a close relationship with your professors. American universities and colleges also give their students fantastic academic freedom, so you can talk with tuitors without their authority's pressure.

Wide choice
Become onyone you want! There are more than 4,500 higher education institutions offering about 1,000 training programs in the USA.

The opportunity to find a promising job
During or after completion of your studies, both in the USA and in Europe. The US diplomas are highly appreciatated all over the world.