If you plan training abroad, you don't ignore Slovakia. The country offers high quality education programs and degrees recognized in EU and other countries.

The number of English-taught programs in Slovak universities grows up every year. English-taught programs can be found practically in any field of study now, whether it be law, economy or the IT.

The average tuition fees in the country is rather low, for English-language programs it starts with 1000 euros for a semester, which is much lower, than in other European countries. Life expenses in the country are also reasonable. Slovakia is considered the country with one of the lowest student's budgets, for comfortable life there is enough 250-300 euros a month.

Almost on all programs there is a possibility of individual curricilum. In addition to the main program the students can choose minor courses.

Slovakia also has the other advantages of study and life:

  • all foreign students get residence and work permits;
  • highly developed academic mobility: the universities of Slovakia have partnership programs with many universities of the world that allows students to take semesters at Europe, USA, Canada, China and other countries;
  • in many state universities admission requirements for students don’t include exams and tests;
  • education can be free, if you choose programs in Slovak language.

Thus, in Slovakia you to gain a world-wide recognized degree with much smaller expenses, than in other EU countries.

Besides, life here is beautiful and full of impressions! Slovakia is a small and picturesque country. At its territory you can find the most exciting landscapes and sights: from tops of the Tatra mountains to numerous medieval castles.