Spain – bullfight and flamenco, as well as universities with a worldwide reputation.

Characteristics of studying in Spain

Is there the better place to combine study and rest, if not in Spain, a country with a hot sun, beautiful sea, beaches, mountains and a lot of sights? In addition, those who plan to study in Spain will be able to get into the world of lively dances, fine literature, architecture and painting along with the educational process.

Spanish is the most spoken in the world after English. It is an official language in 21 countries, and around 400 million people speak it all over the world. The active economy growth in Latin American countries causes a high demand for Spanish-speaking specialists.

There are 81 universities in Spain, about 50 of which are public. Five Spanish universities are in the top 400 of the world according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, such universities as the University of Barcelona, the University of Valencia and others.

It is important to keep in mind: in all public universities, educational process is in Spanish only; there are a lot of language schools in the country, including those at universities. Commonly, there are entrance exams (language test and written work in the field of specialization). Study for bachelor's degree lasts 2 years, in magistracy – 2-3 years.

You can get a visa at the consulate in the country of residence, it's quite easy. Many students of Spanish schools and universities often say that the friendship acquired here is forever. So if you want to get into the hurricane of emotions, culture and communication – welcome to Spain!