Turkey is close to Azerbaijan in many respects: geographically, culturally, and linguistically. Turkish language is considered the closest to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is among the countries whose citizens may learn in Turkish universities for the same price as the citizens of Turkey itself due to these relationships.


Turkey is steadily among the ten most visited countries in the world. It attracts lovers of ancient ruins, ancient mosques, fortresses, colorful mega-cities, wonders of nature. Beach rest and water sports fans also find an outlet here.

Therefore, those who decide to study in Turkey will be able to gain study experience overseas and relax as well.


Turkey, like Azerbaijan, participates in the Bologna process, so the educational system is harmonized with other countries in Europe and is well adapted to student exchanges with leading European universities, to dual degree programs and to another scholastic freedom.

The positions of universities in the rating of Times Higher Education indicate educational system quality. Seventeen Turkish educational institutions are in Times Higher Education, and five of them are in the top 500.


Education and accommodation in Turkey are inexpensive. Bachelor's degree holders in Turkish State University pay 50–150 dollars a year, while graduate students pay 35–80 dollars a year if the program is without a strong scientific component.

Studying in private universities is usually more expensive, but it offers the more modern scientific equipment, well-developed infrastructure and student-oriented approach of teachers and staff. The year of study in the baccalaureate in such educational institutions will cost $ 3,500, and in the magistracy – $ 1,300-10,500.

According to Numbeo (Cost of Living Comparison tool), the cost of renting a house in Turkey does not differ on average from that in Azerbaijan.

You can talk personally to representatives of Turkish universities at the exhibition. Admission is free after registration.